No matter what the challenge…

G4 Holding is a consortium of businesses specialized in the various fields of mineral drilling and drilling for the civil industry. In order to develop new technologies, we intertwine the expertise of our various corporate bodies in order to remain the leader in the field of drilling.

Our goal is to offer a complete service, no matter what type of drilling is necessary. Our team is composed of people who are passionate about their profession and who make up one of the most stable, and most importantly, one of the most qualified teams on the market. We will be happy to offer you a personalized approach that will meet your ambitions.


Daniel Gamache

President and Chief Executive Officer, Forage G4 With extensive experience in the mining sector, Daniel Gamache is an organized and efficient entrepreneur and visionary. He has put in place the elements that make G4 Holding a diversified and dynamic consortium that offers the most complete drilling services in North America. A unifying force on the lookout for opportunities, his mandate is to continue the consortium’s expansion by uniting the quality persons who will work directly with the directors.

Robert Daigle

Director of operations, Mexico, Forage G4 Supervisor for everything that concerns procurement, human resources management and the planning of the implementation of mandates, Robert Daigle has been working since 1978 in the field of diamond drilling. Having gone up the job ladder in more than 15 countries, from the North-West Territories to Costa Rica, he has an excellent reputation with the companies with whom he has been in contact. Perfectly trilingual, he knows better than everyone else the Latin customs and his career path means that the field of drilling has no secrets for him.

Dino Lombardi

Vice-president development and operations, Forage G4 Dino Lombardi has worked for Forage G4 since 2015. With a master geologist training, he has, among other things, been Director of corporate development, geology for Agnico Eagle mines. He has a solid expertise in the mining sector as well as a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by mining companies during the exploration and production drilling stages.

Rémi Robichaud

General manager, CCL DRILLING AND BLAST From a day labourer to the manager of the ISO system including project manager and superintendent, Rémi Robichaud has gone up the job ladder one step at a time and has established the company with his father, Marc-André. Having held almost all of the positions in the company with a strong sense of leadership, he deserves the respect that his father has entrusted to him with the company succession. Civil engineering technician since 2001, he has actively participated in the expansion of Forages CCL.

Guylaine Daigle

Vice-president and Chief Financial Officer, G4 Holding With a very strong entrepreneurial approach, Guylaine Daigle gives a whole new definition to accounting terms. Mainly responsible for the financial health of the various divisions of G4 Holding, she is an essential component of the business’s good operations. In addition to working relentlessly for the sound management of the company, she is also responsible for acquisitions and investments.

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